词组:light up, push oneself, be destructive to s/th, tap the potential, miss out;


  Without motivation we're like a dead fish in the water, that kind of life is not worth living. we should constantly light up our internal fire and push ourselves harder to achieve our goals. While the lack of motivation is destructive to oneself, and one will feel depressed, and have a pretty low esteem. To make matter worse, one is not be able to tap the full potential within oneself, thus he or she would miss out the chance to be successful.



  You can't change the past but you can change the future. We should understand that things don t always work out the way we expect. When we make mistakes, we ought to focus on solutions, not on regrets. As the saying goes, yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift, that's why we call it present.



  It isn't talent that makes great artists, it's hard work, persistence, will power, determination, and fortitude. Not every great artist can draw nice pictures by the age of five.


  Successful artists aren't underpinned by talent, it is an excuse not to put in the effort that is needed to be a successful artist. There are other more important factors like, to be able to seek out social connections, and build on them. Connecting with peers and mentors is more important than being talented.


  Advanced education provides you with the tools you need to be successful in your future career. Not only can you acquire specific knowledge in a particular filed, like economics, physics, and biology, and stuff, you can also get practical experience in relevant areas, like psychological counseling, physical therapy, and even nursing.




  The ability to build up social and professional connections and expand them is the key factor to be a successful business person, and in order to achieve that, one needs to be easygoing, cuz that makes ice breaking much more easier.


  学校的硬件设施 :

  gym :


  哑铃do some dumbbell, 室内跑道 run on the indoor track, 在场地上打球 play some sport on the court, 水上运动do some aquatic activities, 邮箱运动如瑜伽、游泳、在跑步机上跑步aerobics like yoga, swimming, running on a treadmill


  A gym is the place where students can have fun and relax themselves, for many students it can be the first choices when it comes to how to spend their spare time. There are lots of fun activities you can do in the gym like, play some sports on the court, do some aerobics like yoga, swimming, and running on a treadmill,and stuff like that.

  作用:保持体型Keep fit, 有趣 have fun,放松 relax,引导学生健康、活跃的生活方式 lead a healthy and active lifestyle


  In a nutshell, it is really important for a university to own a nice recreation center(gym 的同义词),for it helps to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

  实验室laboratory :

  做实验conduct research, 把理论应用于实际apply theory in practice, 直观的理解概念understand concepts intuitively(直观的),培养学生的创造力 develop students' creativity;

  实验室是好学校的重要组成部分, 然后展开实验室的作用(即以上内容)。

  Great labs are a big part of a good university, students can use the lab to apply theory into practice and conduct researches in their fields, moreover, by doing experiments students can understand the concepts better and develop their creativity.

  一个学校的软实力 :

  名声reputation :


  Reputation of a university has no direct impact on its students, and it is kind of meaningless.

  教员faculty :

  跟audit class联系在一起;


  Auditing class is the best to know the university better, since faculty members are an indispensable part of the university. Their knowledge,teaching skills and even the way they teach the class represent the university. The values they uphold in the class are the ones that are cherished by the university.

  地点location :


  比如大都市metropolis, 多文化的multicultural, 方便的convenient, 公共交通 public transportation, 商店shops, 酒吧和餐馆 bars and restaurant,充满活力 full of dynamics; 当然也可以跟social里面的broaden your horizon and enrich your experience结合在一起。

  大学的大小size :

  “大”的好处 :

  多元化diverse student body, 俱乐部和社团lots of clubs and societies, 完备的设施well established facilities, 著名的教授lots of famous professors, 活动很多various activities;

  个人而言, 我喜欢较大的大学,学生团体会比较多元, 国际学生很多,他们组织好多社会活动。

  Personally, I would say I like to attend a big university. A big university tends to have a diverse student body, there might be lots of international students like me, and they organize all kinds of social activities.


  Also, a big university is likely to have very well established facilities like multi-functional libraries, recreation centers and research facilities. These are big parts of a colorful university life.



  乡村祥和宁静peace and quiet of the country, very peaceful, calm, solitude;远离城市的喧嚣away from all the hustle and bustle of the city,浪漫 romantic,

  秀丽风景beautiful scenes, 离大自然更近 close to mother nature, 蓝天 clear skies, 宁静的夜晚peaceful evenings,没有交通拥堵no bad traffic, 没有犯罪no crimes


  Personally, I would say living in the country is my option. I hate the hustle and bustle of the city. I like the solitude, clear skies, and peaceful evenings in the country and it is pretty romantic. Living in the country makes it possible for me to be close to mother nature.

  同样道理我们只需把live in the country 换成take vacations in the country 来回答旅游类的题目:


  To get away from noise and pollution in the city and take a vacation in place where there is peace and solitude is a great choice to me.



  远离现代文明far away from modern civilization, 不方便inconvenient, 无聊boring, 工作较少 less job options, 找到好工作land nice jobs,


  It makes more sense to me not to live in the country, cuz it is far away from the advanced civilization, and it is super inconvenient, it is hard to find supermarket and convenient stores, to say nothing about shopping malls. Plus, one needs to find a decent job in order to survive and living in the country is the last thing you want to do if you want to land a nice job.


  热闹:eventful, hurly and burly of the city,

  有生机和活力:full of dynamics, meet the whole diversity of people, multicultural, close to advanced to modern civilization

  饭店和娱乐:restaurants, entertainment: movie theater, museum, and going to concerts, be convenient to live in,

  工作机会多: more job options,


  I would say I am a city boy and like to live in the city. I am a big fan of the hurly and burly of big cities. Cities are full of dynamics, you get a chance to meet a whole diversity of people and feel more close to advanced human civilization. On top of that, you get to entertain yourselves with a bunch of choices, like go to the cinema, go to a concert, and even visit the museum on weekends.




  I like to live in a place where there are distinctive seasons, cuz I enjoy the characteristics of every single season, it will be really boring just living in the same season without any change.


  特点:most mild weather, breeze, love Spring, warm enough, not being sickly hot, a lot of rain ,sunny days not too hot


  I like the most mild weather in spring, I got to enjoy the breeze when I do some jogging, it is warm enough and not being sickly hot.


  特点:colorful leaves, the season of harvest, Halloween, mild temperature, beautiful landscape,



  I particularly like fall, there is nothing better than wearing sweatpants and spending time outdoors, like playing soccer with friends, and Halloween makes it more fun. The temperature is perfect, not freezing cold, not sizzling hot. The landscaping is beautiful with the colorful leaves. If you ever got a chance to pass a farm with peaches trees and tomatoes, you can smell the freshness of the fruit.

  夏天:water skiing and tubing, barbecue, beach

  句子:In summer, there are a whole lot of activities that you can do, like go to the beach, just lying on the beach or go ahead and do some water skiing and tubing.

  夏天:water skiing and tubing, barbecue, beach

  句子:In summer, there are a whole lot of activities you can do, like going to the beach, just lying on the beach or go ahead and do some water skiing and tubing. These are of great fun.


  单词、短语:messy, noisy, be allergic to


  I would no pets should be allowed in campus dorms, cuz dorm is supposed to be a quiet place, where students can get some rest from whole day's study, and pets are generally very messy and noisy, and some people are allergic to them.


  Anyway, going to college costs a lot and one should prioritize their role as a student and maintain a high GPA, everything else comes after that, I would suggest students should leave the animals home, and I think it is kind of fair to pets, cuz college are busy, one does not have enough time to be with the pets.




  · Keeping a decent GPA and doing an internship on top of that is pretty hard to achieve,

  · Admittedly, working and studying at the same time is not going to be easy,

  实习的好处enormous benefits:

  如:务实的眼光practical insights, 合理利用时间prioritize and budget time, 接触业界get exposure in the industry, 真实世界的经验 real world experience,拓宽社交圈子expand you



  however, one might get enormous benefits from internship. To start with, you will be exposed to the real world, and get firsthand experience working in the industry, you'll have a chance to see whether you really like the profession or not.


  Also, it helps to expand your social network, world famous corporations keep in touch with interns, suppose they have any vacancies in the future, they'll consider you to fill it up, and some company might even offer scholarships to interning students.


  自学self learner:

  搜寻信息的能力search and retain information;



  It is really important for a professional to be a self learner, there are times when nobody is there to help you out, so you need to search and retain the information you need and be competent on the job.


  be a listener and observer, 有灵性 be sensible, 意识到be aware of, 低调keep a low profile/keep it low



  A good advice for newcomers in workplace is that they should try to be a a listener and observer. Since he is not familiar with way that people do their works in the new place, it is important for him to be sensible and aware of the dynamics in the company and keep a low profile.

  信守诺言:keep your word,



  I would suggest that he should keep his word. If you promised something and cannot deliver that, nobody will trust you anymore and that is really bad for your reputation.

  be confident

  诚实:be honest



  Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. I would suggest him not try to hide his mistakes or inflate his competencies. A good employee is very motivated to fulfill the task, but honestly admits his mistake when trying something new that does not really work out.