1. Places of Interest/Attractions= Description:

  If I’d had a chance to visit a place I’ve never been to, I would like to go to Imperial Palace, which is also called Forbidden City in Beijing, the capital of China.

  In the heart of Beijing, it is the largest and most complete imperial palace and ancient building complex in China, and the world at large. Its construction began in 1406 and was completed 14 years later, having a history so far of some 580 years. Twenty-four

  emperors from the Ming and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties lived and ruled China from there. Most of the buildings in the Forbidden City were rebuilt many times, although they maintained the original architectural style.

  The reasons why I love there so much are based on the following aspects.

  First of all, the ancient buildings record the history path to tell us the legends of our ancestors, especially good for our young people to get familiar with our past. Furthermore, they are the symbols of Chinese traditional and rich culture.

  Last, they are standing there to make us understand our past; When we are facing the past, what we must do is to absorb the essence and discard the dregs.

  2. Restaurants and Café:

  If I had to say what features of restaurant and café I cared most, I would consider them from the following three angles.

  First of all, the food there must be very delicious and nutritious. I like something pretty from appearance and tasty from inside. It is better to taste it like my mom’s cuisine because it makes me feel I am the happiest in the world. Like hotpot. I feel good when I 6

  am having it.

  Second, the service there must be very considerate, which means, the waiters and waitresses there must be very nice and patient.

  Last, the atmosphere there must be very comfortable. Like the sofa there makes me feel at home and I can sit there for a whole day without tiredness. There better has some light music and quiet surroundings because I usually want to have a nice conversation with my friends.

  Those aspects I’ve mentioned above are the standards I care when I choose to go to a restaurant.

  3. Favorite Room=description:

  My favorite room is my living room. It’s rectangular with the door on the left side of the south wall. In the wall opposite the door is a picture window. Below the window is a sofa. A rectangular coffee table is in front of sofa. Facing the sofa are two armchairs. An

  abstract painting is on the west wall. This bright and uncluttered room is my best place to hide from outside world to make me relax, think freely, and live comfortably.


  1. Reading books

  When I have time, I read books. My favorite book is the Old Man and the Sea which is written by Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest American writers. The book told us a story about an old man called Diego who did fishing in Cuba. Though he came across lots of difficulties on the sea and came back without a single fish, he was optimistic and still held the hope. (Diego) is like a mirror which reflects what (Hemingway) wanted to tell all of us: Never give up and the final success will come right after the last try. I’ve stuck on that wisdom all the time ever since I read this book for that story makes me believe there is no stronger thing ever than a strong human belief.

  2. Listening to the music

  My favorite music is___, which is sung by___.

  The reasons why I love that song are based on the following aspects. First of all, it relaxes my mind.

  Second, I always have a greater efficiency after listening to music.

  Third, by listening to the music, I can learn something about the rhythm, which teaches me how to balance complicated situation.

  Last, enjoying all kinds of music, like rock n roll, punk or classic, I come to visit different world and learn how to appreciate arts.

  Music is a worldwide language without any translation, by listening to the music; we can share our emotions with different people around the world.

  3. Sports: 理由(雷同音乐)

  (1)It relaxes my mind.

  (2)I have a greater efficiency on study after the outdoor activities.

  (3)Outdoor activities offer me not only more fresh air but also the chance to embrace the nature.

  (4)I also meet some new friends when I am doing some activities, like playing basketball.

  4. Spring Festival:

  In my country, the most impressive/memorable/popular/favorite/social celebration is Spring Festival, which is also called Chinese Lunar New Year.

  On Spring Festival Eve, we Chinese people usually do a thorough cleaning for their houses to clean up all the ill-fortunes may have been in the family and make the way for the incoming good luck. In the evening, family members get together coming back from everywhere, make Jiaozi, dumplings boiled in the water, sit around the table, toast to each other, wish everybody good luck and health. After the feast, usually in the midnight, children will gather around to play fireworks to light up the sky. During the whole night, we usually stay up and make every light in our house on. The next morning, people will greet their relatives and friends usually face to face. When you eat rice glue ball, called yuanxiao in China, it means you come to the end of this great new year celebration.

  Spring Festival means the whole world to Chinese people and we all consider it a chance for our family members reunion and gather best wishes for the coming year together.

  5. My most embarrassing moment:

  The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in school was when I was walking along the sidewalk back to school from getting some lunch. My eye caught a beautiful car and I lost sight of where I was going. Next thing I knew, BANG, I walked straight into a pole, hitting my whole head on it. I fell on the ground and my friends just laughed. Even though it was very embarrassing, it made our day 'cause we will never forget it. The days go by; I will still laugh as long as I remember it. But I don’t care about it anymore, sometimes, the embarrassing thing just puts smile on other people’s faces.

  6. The most difficult moment:

  The most difficult moment that I’ve ever had was when I prepared for the IBT. It became so hard for me since I’d never had a chance to talk in English for quite a long time. I could barely open my mouth; let alone, how to cover the whole test within the time limitation. I was rather upset and almost lost my heart. My friend Tom/Mary saw me one day and he/she inspired me by saying that if I couldn’t overcome that task, how could I survive in the States and make my dream come true. All of a sudden, I realized how small this task would be in the whole process of making my dream come true. And he/she suggested that I should make a well-organized plan to divide my goal into several little parts, which are attractive and attainable. And just like that, for the first time, I thought it was not that hard and I gradually had a faith in conquering this. Day by day, the more I practiced, the more confidence I gained.

  7. Ambition:

  I have always had a burning ambition to be a psychotherapist. I want to help people solve their emotional problems, recover from mental illnesses, and regain their self-confidence. An increasing number of people, under so much pressure at work, have been deeply depressed in recent years. Therefore, the role of a psychotherapist in keeping our society strong and healthy is getting more and more important. Being a highly self-motivated person, I feel confident about my ability to make my dream come true. As the well-known saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way." I believe that I will become an outstanding psychotherapist some day.

  8. Chances for the Volunteer for 2008 Olympics Or Shanghai Expo:

  IF I’d ever had a chance to do something that I wish for, I would like to be a volunteer for Olympics held in China in 2008. First of all, it is a great honor to be part of this opportunity coming once or never. I can put my English fully into use. Being an interpreter, I can not only provide our foreign people the convenience in life but also let them know more about China. I am not saying that I want to wipe out some cultural barriers with my little effort; I am saying that I want to spare no effort to contribute to this great banquet.



  1. Parents

  My mother is the person whom I admire most due to her so many good personalities like talented, tolerant and most of all, her spirit of dedication. First of all, she is such a talented person who not only has great achievements in her work, but also can cook delicious food for my dad and me. Furthermore, since she is well-educated, she can tolerate different opinions from varied people. And the most beautiful thing about her is that she has a beautiful mind. Thrifty as she is in the daily life, she saves the money and donates all of them to the people who may need them. The ways she does and thinks make me want to be the person like she is. That is why I think my mother is the person I admire most.

  2. Teacher (万能人物;可替换的角色有:parent, leader, friend, ideal spouse, celebrity)

  A good teacher should have the following personalities. First of all, a good teacher makes herself available to all students and she knows which students need extra assistance.

  Furthermore, a good teacher is an effective communicator, who knows when she needs to change her communicating techniques to be sure students can grasp instructional

  concepts. What is more, she would show her great ability when her students are making mistakes, she would let them know why they are wrong and how they are going to do to correct them, rather than simply punish them. For most students, a good teacher is also a helper who can lift them to new heights. Just like an old saying goes, " GIVE ME A FISH AND I EAT FOR A DAY, TEACH ME TO FISH AND I EAT FOR A LIFE TIME". This must be a philosophy of every good teacher.

  3. Friends

  A good friend should have the following personalities like trustworthy, helpful and

  positive. First of all, a trustworthy person is someone whom I can rely on especially when I am in difficulty; he/she will be just a phone-call away to get me out of trouble. Secondly, he/she must be someone who can give me some suggestions when I lose my heart. I clearly remember last time I had a bad experience on my job, I was so sad during those period of time and my friend Nana just sat beside me and was such a good listener to support me and inspired me by saying that I deserved a second chance and never pushing myself too hard would be a better choice. After the nice conversation, I happened to realize I overcame those dark days with the encouragement she had given to me. Last, a good friend is someone who is positive. Though we always say “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”, we seldom do it when we face up with the worse situation. At this time, a positive friend has this power to make us believe that it is absolutely right to obey the rule.

  In the end, I would like to quote a famous saying by Aristotle to end up my response. “What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies.”

  4. Leader

  A good leader should have these criteria:

  (1)Have a vision.

  Effective leaders and their organizations have an agenda. A vision. A vision is a direction—an attractive and attainable picture of the future. As a leader, if you don't know where you are going, you are irrelevant to your followers. With a vision you can inspire and lift individuals and groups to new heights—an important function of any leader.

  (2)Seize opportunity.

  Look for experiences that are new and different. Develop relationships with people who are different from the people you ordinarily have relationships with, especially those that come from different backgrounds and age groups.

  (3)Communication is key.

  Be accessible to everyone in the organization. Companies need to realize that the old model of the leaders sitting on top of the pyramid and the managers executing orders does not work in today’s environment. The person at the top cannot be the only leader. There have to be various people within the company acting in this role. There are many companies stuck in a rut where the managers are waiting to be told what to do. That doesn’t work.

  (4)Be proactive.

  Promote continuous exploration of yourself and other leaders within the organization. Be accountable for what you do. If there is an issue in the company, don’t say you didn’t know anything about it. Look at the organization and constantly ask what can be improved.