Describe an important letter that you received.

  You should say:

  who wrote it

  what the letter was about

  how you felt about the letter

  and explain why it was important.


  Ok, well I suppose one of the most important letters I’ve received was an offer letter from a university I applied to – Leeds University, to be precise – so that’s what I think I’ll talk about.

  And as for who the letter was from, well, I can't quite remember the name of the actual person who wrote it, I’m afraid, but if I’m not mistaken, it was sent by the university admissions office, who I guess are responsible for handling such matters.

  Anyway, regarding what the letter was about, well basically, it was just informing me that I had been accepted onto their Master’s program in Finance, so it was really great news for me, because this was the course that I most wanted to study, and out of all the various universities that I applied to, Leeds was definitely top of my list, as it was the one that most appealed to me, in terms of both the course content and social life.

  So, as you can imagine, I was over the moon after receiving the offer. I mean, it felt like all the years of hard work I’ve put into my studies seemed to have finally paid off, so it was like a dream come true for me, it really was.

  And finally then, with regard to why this letter was important, well, I think it goes without saying that it was extremely important, because essentially, it means that I’m gonna be able to study abroad, which I’m sure will have a huge impact on my future career, as it will hopefully enable me to apply for jobs which I wouldn’t have otherwise been considered for.

  And as well as this, I reckon that studying abroad will help me become more mature and independent, which I’ve noticed has happened with a few of my friends who have spent some time abroad, and I’m sure this’ll have a positive effect on my life in general.

  So it’s a big opportunity for me, and I’m really looking forward to it!


  Describe a product from another country that you bought.

  You should say:

  what it was

  where you bought it

  what you use it for

  and explain why you bought it.


  Ok, well the first thing that came to mind when I saw this topic was olive oil, because I bought a bottle of it not that long ago, and if I’m not mistaken, I think it was from either Italy or Spain, so that’s what I’ve decided to talk about.

  And as for where I got it, well, it was actually just from my local supermarket, because it’s now started selling quite a few imported products, which I’m really happy about, as I always enjoy trying new things, especially stuff from other countries.

  And with regard to what I use the olive oil for, well, I’d say I use it for most of my cooking now, because it goes well with pretty much everything, especially bread and pasta, as you probably know, so I’m getting through it quite quickly, and I think I’m actually turning into a bit of an addict!

  But anyway, as for what made me decide to buy it, well firstly, it’s apparently meant to be really good for you, so it’s basically a lot healthier than most other kinds of cooking oil. And another thing to mention would be that I remember tasting some olive oil at a Western restaurant I went to a couple of weeks ago, and I liked it so much that I made a mental note to get some when I next went to the supermarket.

  So yeah, I guess these would be the main reasons, and even though it’s quite a bit more expensive than ordinary cooking oil, I reckon it’s definitely worth it.


  Describe a person you know who has a healthy lifestyle.

  You should say:

  who he /she is

  how you know this person

  what sort of person he/she is

  and explain why you think he/she has a healthy lifestyle


  Ok then, well, as soon as I saw this topic, I immediately thought of my next door neighbour, who I have to say, must be one of the healthiest people I know, as I'll shortly explain, so he's the person I'm gonna talk about.

  And as for how I know him, well, if my memory serves me correctly, the first time we met was actually in the lift of our apartment block, because I had just been taking my dogs out for a walk, and by the looks of it, he had just got back from a run, cos he was in a tracksuit and was sweating a little bit. And when he saw my dogs his face lit up, so he asked if he could stroke them, and that's basically how we got to know each other.

  Anyway, moving on to what sort of person he is, well, to put it simply, I'd say that he's a really sociable and friendly guy, which you can probably tell from the example I gave just now of how we met. But the main reason for saying this is that he often invites me, as well as other friends of his, over to his flat for lunch or dinner, which is really nice of him, especially considering the fact that I've never invited him for a meal before, mainly because I'm hopeless at cooking. So I kind of feel a bit guilty about that, even though he keeps telling me not to worry about it, and that also just goes to show what a nice guy he is.

  Anyway, with regard to why I think he has a healthy lifestyle, well I suppose the biggest reason would be that he's a real fitness fanatic, you know, he goes for a run literally every morning, rain or shine, and I know this because, on more than one occasion, I've looked out of my living room window and seen him running in the pouring rain, which to me is kind of crazy, but to him it's just normal.

  And finally I should also mention the fact that he looks much younger than he really is. You know, I couldn't believe it when he told me how old he was, because I originally thought he was in his early forties or something, but he's actually over fifty, and when I asked him what his secret was for looking so young, he simply said that he always made sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a day. So ever since he told me that, I've tried to develop the same habit myself, although to be honest with you, I'm not succeeding too well so far.


  Describe a shop you like to go to.

  what shop it is

  what it sells (or, what you usually buy there)

  when you first started going to this shop (or, how you came to know about this shop)

  and explain why you like (to go to) this shop.


  Well, it took me a few moments to decide on which shop to talk about, because I actually like going to quite a number of different shops around my hometown, but possibly my favourite is H&M, so that's the one I'm gonna describe.

  Firstly then, with regard to what it sells, well I'm not sure if you're familiar with H&M, but it's basically a mid-end clothes shop which sells a variety of women's and men's clothing, mostly geared towards young adults like myself. And as well as clothing, the shop also has a small accessories section for women, with things like hair bands, bracelets and earrings, but the main focus is definitely on clothes.

  Anyway, as for when I first started going to this shop, well to be totally honest with you, I'm really not that sure, but off the top of my head, I guess I must have first started shopping there two or three years ago, round about the time I was in high school, because I seem to vaguely remember one of my high-school classmates telling me about it, and how good it was.

  So that's kind of how I got to know about H&M, and finally, regarding why I like shopping there, well I suppose it's really a combination of reasons, one of which would be that the clothes there, on the whole, tend to be quite fashionable and trendy, unlike the stuff I see in many other shops, and the clothes are pretty simple in style, which is exactly what I like. So that's one thing, and I guess another reason would be that everything there is really good-value, and just to give you an example, a decent pair of jeans there costs around three hundred yuan, whereas a similar pair at another shop would probably set you back a thousand yuan or so, and in terms of quality, well, there's really not that much difference between H&M's clothes and the higher-end brands, but you're paying considerably less.

  So yeah, I would say these are, more or less, the main reasons why I like shopping there, and I would probably go so far as saying it's become one of the most popular clothes shops here in my hometown, and I just hope they continue to keep their prices as low as they are!

  That's pretty much it then, so thanks for listening.

  五、雅思口语part2高分话题范文:your favourite park/garden

  Describe your favourite park/garden.

  You should say:

  Where it is

  What can be seen there

  How often you go there

  And explain why you like it.


  Well, as you can imagine, I've been to quite a few parks and gardens, but if I had to pick a favourite, I guess I would probably say Taiziwan Park, which is somewhere in the centre of Hangzhou, not far from the West Lake.

  And regarding what you can see there, well I guess the first thing to mention would be the tulips, which are really gorgeous, and are all over the place. In fact, I'm sure if you look on the Internet, you'll probably be able to see some photos of the park and the flowers. And as well as the tulips, another thing that a lot of people go to see is the cherry blossom, which is quite literally stunning, especially in the spring time. Unfortunately though, I've seen quite a number of people shaking the blossom off the branches, which means it disappears quicker than it would do naturally. So it's a bit of a pity, as nothing much can really be done about it. But anyway, it's honestly no exaggeration to say that the park is incredibly beautiful, and that's why you'll also see a lot of young couples there taking wedding photos.

  Anyway um, as for how often I go there, well if truth be told, I don't really go there all that often, probably only something like three or four times a year, the main reason being that it gets really crowded on weekends, and it's a bit of an effort to get to from where I live.

  So finally then, with regard to why I like this park, well there's not really that much more to say about it, you know, it's just a really nice and scenic place to go and relax. Oh yeah, and the other great thing about it is that it's free entrance, which didn't use to be the case a while ago, so I guess I'll be going there more often in the future!

  六、雅思口语part2高分话题范文:a positive change

  Describe a positive change that you have made to your life.

  You should say:

  what the change was

  when it happened

  where it happened

  and explain how you have benefited from this change


  Ok, well the positive change which I would like to tell you about was actually a pretty simple one, but it's improved my life a great deal, and basically all it was, was getting up an hour earlier every day.

  The reason I started doing it was because it got to the point where my whole day was taken up with various stuff, like classes and homework, and I found that I hardly had any free time left. So I kind of realized that the only way to make more time for myself was to get up earlier, and so that's what I decided to do. It wasn't easy at first, especially when it was cold, but thankfully it got a lot easier, and now I find it no effort at all getting out of bed at five in the morning,

  Anyway, as for when I first started doing this, well, I guess it must have probably been about two or three years ago, round about the time I was busy preparing for my university entrance exams, and I was getting up at something like five or six every morning to revise. And after my exams finished, I remember thinking to myself, wouldn't it be good to continue getting up early and have all this extra time to do things at the beginning of the day.

  So that's pretty much how it all started, and finally, with regard to how I've benefited from this change, well to put it simply, I'd say I've benefited immensely, in more ways than one. For example, it's given me time to do a bit of exercise every day, which I didn't use to have time for. So now I've become a lot fitter. And as well as this, I also now have the time to eat a proper breakfast every day, instead of skipping it, like I used to do, so I've basically become much healthier as a result.

  That's more or less everything, I guess, so thanks very much for listening.

  七、雅思口语part2高分话题范文:a wedding you attended

  Describe a wedding you attended.

  You should say:

  whose wedding it was

  who was there

  where it was

  and explain how you felt at this wedding.


  Ok, well I've actually been to quite a few weddings, so it was kind of difficult choosing which one to describe, but I guess probably the easiest for me to talk about would be the most recent one I went to, which was that of a neighbour of mine.

  And, as for who was there, well, I couldn't tell you everyone, because there were absolutely loads of people, you know, the hall was pretty packed, so my guess would be that there were probably something like 250 to 300 guests. And if I'm not mistaken, it seemed to be that the majority were friends and relatives of the bride and groom, although I also noticed that they had invited quite a few of their colleagues from work as well. For example, one of them, who I think was her boss, went up on stage to make a speech at some point.

  Anyway, with regard to where the wedding was held, well, it was actually in a small city called Zhuji, which is about an hour's drive just to the south east of Hangzhou, because that's where the bride comes from. And it was held in a hotel there. I can’t remember the name of it I’m afraid, but it was a really nice hotel, and probably one of the best in the city.

  So regarding how I felt at the wedding, well, to put it simply, it was a really wonderful wedding, and there were some parts of it that moved me quite a lot, such as when the bride broke down in tears when she was on stage thanking her parents for all the support they had given her. It was also really clear to see how much the bride and groom loved each other, as they couldn't take their eyes off each other the whole evening. So I was really happy for them and was glad that I made it to their wedding.

  That's pretty much it, I think, so thanks a lot for listening.

  八、雅思口语part2高分话题范文:a sports event

  Describe a sports event that you took part in or watched.

  You should say:

  what the event was

  where it was

  who was competing

  what happened during this competition

  and explain how you felt about this event.


  Ok, well I have to admit that it was quite a while ago since I took part in any sports event, because I'm not really a very sporty person, but I suppose the one that sticks in my memory the most was a sports meeting between my high school and a few others around the area.

  And as for where the event was held, well seeing as I think our school had the only proper running track in the city, it was held there, and the event I was competing in was the fifteen hundred metres, basically because no one else in my class wanted to do it, you know, they said it was too far for them, so I ended up volunteering for it.

  So anyway, regarding what happened during the competition, well I seem to remember at the start that most of the other competitors sprinted away, which surprised me a little, because it was quite a long distance that we had to run. So it seemed a little strange and even a bit scary seeing them run so fast - maybe it was because of the adrenaline or something. But anyway, I tried to pace myself, and after a while, the other runners started getting slower, so I was able to overtake them, and then on the last lap, I somehow managed to overtake the leader and win the race!

  So if I think back to how I felt at that moment, well as you can imagine, I was over the moon, you know, super happy, because I simply had no idea I would win, and what was really great was the fact that loads of my friends and classmates were standing around the track, cheering me on. So yeah, it was a really awesome feeling.

  九、雅思口语part2高分话题范文:a special meal

  Describe a special meal you were invited to.

  You should say:

  When and where you were invited

  Who invited you

  What you ate

  And explain how you felt about the meal.


  Ok then, well I’m actually quite lucky in the fact that I’ve been invited to quite a number of special meals, and the one I’ve decided to talk to you about was a farewell dinner of a good friend of mine, because he was about to go off to Canada for a few years to start university there, so he invited a few of his close friends for a farewell dinner before heading off.

  And one of the reasons I’ve chosen to talk about this meal instead of some of the others I’ve been to is simply that it’s still quite fresh in my memory. You know, it was only about a couple of weeks ago when it happened.And as for where we had the meal, well I can’t remember the exact name of the place, but it was quite a posh restaurant somewhere in the centre of the city, and judging from how nice it looked when I walked in, it seemed to be a pretty expensive place to dine. So I was kind of relieved that it wouldn’t be me footing the bill!And we also had our own separate room, which was nice, and probably just as well, seeing as we made quite a bit of noise during the meal, what with all the laughing and stuff going on.

  Anyway regarding what we ate, well I couldn’t tell you every single dish that we had, because there was just so much, you know, the whole table was literally covered with food. I mean, there was crab, chicken, duck,what else, um,……oh yeah, shrimps, and, uh…..oh and a whole load of different vegetables. So by the end of it, I was absolutely stuffed. You know, we all ate masses, because the food was so good, and it would have been a bit of a pity to see it go to waste!

  But anyway, finally then, with regard to how I felt about the meal, well to put it simply, I really enjoyed it. Because as well as the food, which was fantastic, I really enjoyed everyone’s company. You know, it was great being together with so many good friends, many of which I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

  So yeah, all in all, it was a really special evening, and I’m extremely grateful to have been invited, and also very grateful to my friend for his generosity, as the bill must have come to quite a lot, I’m sure!


  Describe a skill you would like to learn.

  You should say:

  what it is

  why you think it is important

  how you are going to learn it

  and explain what role it will play in your future life.


  If I ever get the chance to learn a new skill, I would like to learn karate which is a form of martial art. I had a great fascination and attraction to learn it but never had the chance actually to learn it. This is important for keeping a sound body and to remain fit. It is also a great weapon of self-defence in time of adversity and sudden attack by rogue people.

  The greatest benefit this karate offers is a discipline and self-control. Besides the physical exercise, patience and hard work karate requires a great deal of mental power, calmness and a type of discipline which are necessary for a modest life.

  If I get the chance, I would get admitted in a good karate learning training centre that would offer a really good training so that I can efficiently learn it. I will need to devote a great deal of regular time and will have to have the determination to learn the necessary skill.

  I would like to get involve in some kind of activity which is helpful to keep the body and soul sound. Physical exercise is one way to do that but karate would be more helpful as it would require steady patience and determination as well. I have found some of my friends and relatives found it very helpful in their lives and I was inspired by their discussion regarding the usefulness of this martial art.